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Harvard Digital Health Wrap-Up

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Harvard’s last Digital Health cohort of 2021 wrapped December 4th. There were 191 participants from across the world. This was one of the most productive and insightful digital health and digital technologies cohorts that I’ve participated in. Dr. Stanley Shaw (MD), his Harvard team, and collaborators from leading companies deserve high praise for the content and quality of their presentations. Our work and clients will benefit from the insights, broader considerations, and lessons shared throughout the course.

Technology companies, engineers, and technologists often focus on capabilities, features, and compelling technical value. These are then described as innovative and disruptive. Harvard’s Clayton Christensen demonstrated through research and application that practical innovations and disruptions emerge when innovative technologies are made operational through similarly innovative business models. Digital Health’s materials and presentations reflected, built on, and demonstrated these powerful concepts through Harvard’s proven case study methodologies.

I was fortunate to be working during the course with BioBeat’s revolutionary applications of digital technologies. The company’s remote patient monitoring patches, watches, and systems used in hospitals around the world are innovating patient care through continuous monitoring, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence. I’m collaborating with colleagues to integrate lessons from the Digital Health course into our business model innovations, patient care workflows, and care management frameworks, including automated triage support.

Contact me if you have questions and want more information on BioBeat's remote patient monitoring solutions, emerging digital health technologies, and enabling business models and strategies.

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