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Advanced Hypertension-Centered Practice

Hypertension is listed as a primary or secondary cause in over 600,000 deaths each year.  Hundreds of thousands are also disabled by strokes linked to hypertension and countless others suffer mounting damage to their internal organs including eyes, kidneys, and blood vessels. Hypertension remains an intractable foe for eighty-five million poorly served hypertensives for whom legacy tools and old technologies have failed. Biobeat's cuffless blood pressure profiling technologies empower independent doctor practices, clinics, and large providers with innovative diagnostic, care, and long-term management solutions. Clinicians benefit from opportunities to expand their practices and deliver compelling value to patients without significant new investments and infrastructure upgrades. Patients benefit from improved outcomes through innovative, low-burden treatment strategies that simplify diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management of their hypertension. 


Technological Innovations in Hypertension Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

Build and expand a dedicated practice that delivers results and compelling patient value.

24bp Blood Pressure Unit.png

24BP Ambulatory Blood Pressure Kit

Make a definitive diagnosis in 24 hours and

engage patients in protecting their health and defeating their hypertension.

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ABPM Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring and Clinical Profiling Kit

Quantify contributing causes and verify treatment efficacy in 24-hours.

Hypertension Management Practices for Long-Term Patient Compliance  

Reducing hypertension has been a core public health objective for decades. Yet, after billions spent on research, education, and drugs, less than one in four of the 116 million hypertensives have their blood pressure under control. Worst of all, research shows that clinicians are failing to engage patients and win their long-term cooperation in diagnosing and treating this deadly disease. High diagnostic and treatment burden and low treatment efficacy contribute to high rates of patient noncompliance as 30% quit diagnostic protocols and about half stop taking their medicines within a year of diagnosis.  It’s a tragedy and an unmatched clinical opportunity to serve a market of 85 million patients with poorly controlled blood pressure.

Biobeat's cuffless ambulatory blood pressure monitoring technologies are the first to deliver deep insights into each patient's blood pressure and hypertension profiles. For the first time, clinicians can evaluate the components of blood pressure including systemic vascular resistance, cardiac output, stroke volume, and cardiac index. These variables are captured, calculated, and analyzed to help clinicians discern their contributions during different times of the day and night, including sleeping hours. The reports are ideal for engaging patients in the treatment process through insights into their personal hypertension and its implications with the objective of sustaining long-term commitment and compliance.

Taken together, these technologies empower clinicians and providers to establish hypertension practices within established offices and dedicated locations. These initiatives are facilitated through protocols that are compatible with insurance, diagnostic, and treatment codes. Process and business model innovations developed by OPR can help practices leverage these innovative technologies to reduce costs, develop new revenue models, and increase patient capacity while delivering more compelling and engaging value to patients. Biobeat's dedicated blood pressure products, 24BPM and ABPM, do not require additional investments in IT and support technologies, making the transition from legacy technologies operationally and financially sustainable. Contact us to find out more.

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Products and Systems
Advanced Long-term Hypertension Management

The most advanced, cuffless blood pressure monitoring and profiling solution available. They capture and report the most comprehensive set of vitals including systolic and diastolic pressures, cardiac output, cardiac index, systemic vascular resistance, stroke volume, pulse rate, pulse pressure, pulse rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, breathing rate, body temperature, and one channel EKG. This system is ideal for advanced hypertension and cardiovascular practices that integrate remote patient monitoring services.

It includes an advanced patient management console that can track and prioritize active patients, alarm based on patient deterioration, and allow staff to perform remote checks on demand. This cloud-based system does not require advanced local information technology infrastructure.

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24BP Blood Pressure Profiling Kit


Ideal tool for evaluating patient blood pressure and conducting an initial hypertension assessment and diagnosis. This inexpensive cuffless blood pressure profiling kit replaces legacy blood pressure evaluations with a gold standard 24-hour blood pressure profile. Patients who are not hypertensive benefit from a definitive assessment and baseline of their blood pressure.

ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring)

The definitive cuffless hypertension diagnostic profiling solution. The system captures and trends the components of blood pressure: Systolic and Diastolic pressures, Pulse Rate, Cardiac Output, Systemic Vascular Resistance, and Stroke Volume. ABPM arms clinicians with tools to quickly evaluate pharmacological therapies and guide treatment decisions. It delivers detailed reports ideal for sharing with patients to strengthen engagement and compliance with treatment protocols.


It includes a management console that allows practice leaders to manage staff and patients. Ideal for dedicated hypertension management practices. 

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