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Nursing Crisis

Talent shortages are not new or limited to healthcare, but the industry is facing unique challenges created by shortages of new nurses and increasing attrition as experienced nurses retire and leave the profession in record numbers. These trends, which predated Covid, were aggravated by the pandemic; studies project 30-50% attrition among nurses in the next two to three years. No industry can function effectively after losing more than a third of its critical frontline employees in such a brief period. 

The best cross-industry solutions over the last twenty-five years relied on technological and business model innovations to improve workforce efficiency, productivity, and quality. Employers have few alternatives to innovating beyond competing for limited talent by raising salaries to unsustainable levels. History repeated at the peak of the pandemic when hospitals routinely paid more than three hundred dollars per hour for experienced temporary and traveling nurses. 


FDA-listed technologies, intelligent remote & local patient monitoring, continuous patient evaluation, and care priority.

Finding Solutions

OPRHealth's solutions are engineered to increase workforce efficiency and productivity, reduce attrition, and improve quality. They are based on FDA-listed and internationally proven innovative technologies combined with innovative business models, and updated care delivery. For example, legacy protocols and technologies require nurses to take patient vitals on a scheduled basis, including heart and respiration rates, temperature, and blood pressure. These tasks involve contact with individual patients as part of the nurses' rounds. The process for patients hospitalized with Covid requires different levels of personal protection equipment (PPEs) and other protective measures intended to reduce nurses' exposure to the virus. Nurses supporting non-Covid patients took steps to prevent exposing them to the virus during their routine visits. The process broadly involves entering readings on paper and applications


OPRHealth worked closely with clinicians and technologists to re-engineer these processes through advanced cuffless patient monitoring technologies that capture and trend full cardiovascular panels including blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output, respiration rate, blood oxygen (SPO2), and other hemodynamic factors. Reading frequencies are set on a per-patient basis and the results are automatically uploaded to the patient's EHR. Patients are scored based on these readings and the results and made available to nurses and doctors overseeing their care. These technologies and enabling process updates can deliver significant improvements in nursing efficiency and productivity. They also reduce paperwork and other bureaucratic overheads that interfere with nurse-patient engagement. 


OPRHealth spent over two years working with clinicians and technologists to test and evaluate these innovative technologies. We also developed and benchmarked updated methods and care delivery models to help providers identify efficiency, productivity, and quality improvement opportunities. The results contribute to healthcare innovation and other initiatives intended to address nursing shortages and their implications for patient care. They are also affordable and cost-effective, making them financially sustainable.  Find out more through a demonstration and discussion with our staff.

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Biobeat Products and Systems
Advanced Cuffless Patient Monitoring

The most advanced, cuffless patient monitoring and cardiovascular profiling solution available. Sensors and analytical systems capture and report the most comprehensive set of vitals including systolic and diastolic pressures, cardiac output, cardiac index, systemic vascular resistance, stroke volume, pulse rate, pulse pressure, pulse rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, breathing rate, body temperature, and one channel EKG. This system is ideal for local and remote patient monitoring, and advanced hypertension profiling.

This solution includes a web-based patient management console that helps prioritize active patients, issues alarms based on patient deterioration, and allows staff to perform remote checks on demand. The cloud-based system does not require additional IT infrastructure and provides access to authorized local and remote users.

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24BP Blood Pressure Profiling Kit


Ideal tool for evaluating patient blood pressure and conducting an initial hypertension assessment and diagnosis. This inexpensive cuffless blood pressure profiling kit replaces legacy blood pressure evaluations with a gold standard 24-hour blood pressure profile. Patients who are not hypertensive benefit from a definitive assessment and baseline of their blood pressure.

ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring)

The definitive cuffless hypertension diagnostic profiling solution. The system captures and trends the components of blood pressure: Systolic and Diastolic pressures, Pulse Rate, Cardiac Output, Systemic Vascular Resistance, and Stroke Volume. ABPM arms clinicians with tools to quickly evaluate pharmacological therapies and guide treatment decisions. It delivers detailed reports ideal for sharing with patients to strengthen engagement and compliance with treatment protocols.


It includes a management console that allows practice leaders to manage staff and patients. Ideal for dedicated hypertension management practices. 

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