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Intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Remote patient monitoring gained momentum in 2020 and 2021 as healthcare facilities struggled coping with unprecedented high volumes of patients. The challenge for clinicians, providers, and public health agencies was how to maximize capacity and prioritize resources as thousands poured into emergency rooms. It will be years before studies are completed and lessons are learned and shared across the nation’s healthcare and public health infrastructures. Fortunately, innovative new technologies are now available that can help stakeholders improve care, deliver services, and scale patient capacity under normal and extraordinary conditions.


Intelligent remote patient monitoring, continuous triage, and care prioritization

Prioritize care, manage resources, and dynamically increase care capacity.

Innovating Intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Innovative new technologies from Biobeat help clinicians and providers improve care, deliver compelling value to patients, and dynamically scale patient capacity under normal and extraordinary conditions. Hospitals and clinics benefit from operational elasticity that helps them dynamically expand capacity, manage resources, and prioritize care through continuous intelligent patient triage. Hospitals and clinics can expand capacity without growing their physical presence by integrating external monitoring, including at home, and care support into their care delivery strategies.  Independent doctors’ offices and specialty service providers can similarly grow their practices and build dedicated services like advanced hypertension management and post-surgery monitoring. Intelligent RPM technologies deliver actionable individualized care insights for each patient while monitoring and prioritizing patient populations across all locations.

These innovative technologies can be integrated into solutions that cut across practice areas and care delivery segments.   For example, they enable responders and emergency room clinicians to continuously monitor and coordinate care in real-time from the incident through transportation and arrival at the ED. Monitoring data is automatically uploaded to patient electronic records and remain accessible as patients are transferred to other wards including the ICU. Once logged into the system, patients are integrated into continuous intelligent triage, which provides individual and group assessment and prioritization. Monitoring can continue after discharge, extending services beyond traditional brick-and-mortar boundaries and offering patients greater safety and reassurance. 


Intelligent RPM solutions can help address recognized challenges in the admission handoff between inpatient units, particularly between the ED and other floors. Specifically, continuous monitoring data follow the patient and are available for review by clinicians in all units. Doctors and nurses can review patient monitoring history to add details and context to transfer reports. Specialists can similarly review the information as part of their assessments, treatments, and follow-ups. Monitoring reports can be exported in common pdf format and forwarded to the patient's primary care physician and care consultants, including those offering second opinions on diagnosis and care options. 

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Products and Systems
Intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions 

The most advanced, cuffless remote patient monitoring solution available. It tracks the most comprehensive set of vitals of any available device or system, including systolic and diastolic pressures, cardiac output, cardiac index, systemic vascular resistance, stroke volume, pulse rate, pulse pressure, pulse rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, breathing rate, body temperature, and one channel EKG. This system is ideal for advanced hypertension and cardiovascular practices that integrate remote patient monitoring services.

It includes an advanced patient management console that can track and prioritize active patients, alarm based on patient deterioration, and allow staff to perform remote checks on demand. This cloud-based system does not require advanced local information technology infrastructure.

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24BP Blood Pressure Profiling Kit


Ideal tool for evaluating patient blood pressure and conducting an initial hypertension assessment and diagnosis. This inexpensive cuffless blood pressure profiling kit replaces legacy blood pressure evaluations with a gold standard 24-hour blood pressure profile. Patients who are not hypertensive benefit from a definitive assessment and baseline of their blood pressure.

ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring)

The definitive cuffless hypertension diagnostic profiling solution. The system captures and trends the components of blood pressure: Systolic and Diastolic pressures, Pulse Rate, Cardiac Output, Systemic Vascular Resistance, and Stroke Volume. ABPM arms clinicians with tools to quickly evaluate pharmacological therapies and guide treatment decisions. It delivers detailed reports ideal for sharing with patients to strengthen engagement and compliance with treatment protocols.


It includes a management console that allows practice leaders to manage staff and patients. Ideal for dedicated hypertension management practices. 

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