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OPRHealth's solutions help providers innovate their business and care delivery models. They integrate FDA-listed cuffless blood pressure and cardiovascular sensors, cloud-based analytical systems, and web-based patient management with clinical workflows, processes, and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Applications include blood pressure and hypertension control, remote patient monitoring, research, epidemiology, and emergency preparedness. OPRHealth is also focusing on and developing solutions for the emerging nursing shortage crisis.

Blood Pressure & Hypertension

Biobeat's cuffless blood pressure sensors and profiling technologies deliver revolutionary hypertension control and management solutions.

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Control Practice

Build a dedicated hypertension control practice within an existing or new medical office. We can help you get started and grow.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Biobeat's cuffless blood pressure sensors, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics evaluate, monitor, and continuously triage patient populations.

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Research, Epidemiology, and
Emergency Preparedness

Sensors, AI, and analytics are central to research, investigations, preparation, and response. Biobeat's systems are being used across industry segments including research because they produce faster, quantitative, and more objective measures. Emergency and public health managers can similarly benefit from more accurate, timely, and objective data.

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Products and Platforms to Innovate Health and Care Delivery
24BP Blood Pressure Profiling Kit


Ideal tool for evaluating patient blood pressure and conducting an initial hypertension assessment and diagnosis. This inexpensive cuffless blood pressure profiling kit replaces legacy blood pressure evaluations with a gold standard 24-hour blood pressure profile. Patients who are not hypertensive benefit from a definitive assessment and baseline of their blood pressure.

ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring)

The definitive cuffless hypertension diagnostic profiling solution. The system captures and trends the components of blood pressure: Systolic and Diastolic pressures, Pulse Rate, Cardiac Output, Systemic Vascular Resistance, and Stroke Volume. ABPM arms clinicians with tools to quickly evaluate pharmacological therapies and guide treatment decisions. It delivers detailed reports ideal for sharing with patients to strengthen engagement and compliance with treatment protocols.


It includes a management console that allows practice leaders to manage staff and patients. Ideal for dedicated hypertension management practices. 

Advanced Long-term Hypertension Management

The most advanced, cuffless monitoring solution available. It tracks the most comprehensive set of vitals from any device or system including systolic and diastolic pressures, cardiac output, cardiac index, systemic vascular resistance, stroke volume, pulse rate, pulse pressure, pulse rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, breathing rate, body temperature, and one channel EKG. This system is ideal for advanced hypertension and cardiovascular practices that integrate remote patient monitoring services.

It includes an advanced patient management console that can track and prioritize active patients, alarm based on patient deterioration, and allow staff to perform remote checks on demand. This cloud-based system does not require advanced local information technology infrastructure.

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