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Preparedness and Healthcare Specs

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

I’ve spent much of my career helping clients define their needs, expectations, and requirements in the face of continuous technological innovations. Good specifications are indispensable for leveraging innovative technologies without putting existing operations at risk. In practice, there are many innovations that prove impractical because they are too costly, disruptive, and unsustainable.

Solutions in this context must pass relevant tests of utility, lifecycle sustainability, and compatibility with existing systems and practices. Requirements vary, but we have learned through research and experience that innovative solutions with the highest returns and lowest risks:

· Improve capacity, productivity, and efficiency across operational scenarios.

· Can be deployed without major upgrades to legacy systems.

· Build on, strengthen, and grow core competencies.

· Support and leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

· Are financially beneficial and sustainable.

We are using these benchmarks to evaluate innovative new remote patient monitoring technologies in light of the Covid pandemic. I will introduce them and their implications for emergency preparedness and response in my next posts.


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