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New Technologies Help Hospitals Cope

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Hospitals facing high demands and limited bed space are sending Covid patients home earlier than they’d prefer. It’s a classic response when peak demands exceed fixed capacity. Nurses are then dispatched on a case-by-case basis in response to changing patient needs, further stressing and aggravating hospital nurse shortages. It’s a vicious and unsustainable cycle made worse by inefficient pre-Covid patient monitoring and care delivery models. It will take years to tabulate continuing losses measured in economic output, financial costs, and lives lost. The saddest aspect of this costly cycle is that we have innovative new technologies available to better manage and prioritize patient needs and care delivery.

It’s never easy changing processes in the midst of a crisis, but the Covid pandemic, unlike short-lived epidemics, continues to affect communities nearly two years after it began. Officials are concerned that, as new variants enter the fray, healthcare systems will face recurring spikes in demand for the foreseeable future. These unprecedented challenges demand financially and operationally sustainable solutions that improve operational elasticity, efficiency, and point capacity.

We’ve been engineering sustainable innovative solutions based on BioBeat’s advanced remote patient monitoring systems that extend and integrate case management, prioritization, and care delivery beyond hospital boundaries. BioBeat's cutting-edge technologies continuously monitor and connect in-hospital and remote patients to monitoring stations, perform continuous triage, and help hospital staff prioritize care decisions. Patients with worsening conditions are quickly identified and readmitted, while others may be discharged under continuous monitoring protocols. These processes rely on timely actionable information provided by BioBeat's monitoring technologies to support continuous care decisions across local and remote patient populations.

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