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Is healthcare ready for Dr. ChatGPT?

A growing number of studies are suggesting that Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT can outperform doctors in various medical areas. While clinicians are skeptical, many technologists cite them as evidence that LLMs can be safely integrated into clinical practices. As we envision a future Dr. ChatGPT4, we should be asking how much we want to rely on these technologies for our healthcare needs. Personally, while I hope my doctors will embrace innovative technologies to improve patient care, I’m not ready to entrust my health to LLMs and their training corpus.

I use ChatGPT almost every day as part of my work with innovative clinical technologies. When used competently, it delivers significant business benefits and competitive advantages. However, using LLMs like ChatGPT in complex fields with lives at stake requires a thorough understanding of their limitations and training on engineering the prompts that engage and direct their behaviors—it's not as simple as many suggest. That was the subject of my recent speech before an eclectic group that included clinicians, engineers, and other professionals. You can watch it by clicking on the link below.

I encourage doctors to learn more about these remarkable technologies so they can advise their patients. But they won't be credible if their patients know as much or more about ChatGPT than they do. So, join the conversation, stay informed, and reach out if you have questions and need more information:

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