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Is ChatGPT Fulfilling Its Promises?

An interesting article about ChatGPT in Becker’s hospital review describes the typical exuberance to uncertainty roller coaster common to powerful innovative technologies. We are actively using and investigating ChatGPT to better understand its benefits and limitations. Our objective is to offer our clients an experience-based perspective of these remarkable technologies. 

My recent posts have focused on ChatGPT’s limitations because this awareness is indispensable for safe, effective, and responsible use. Upcoming ones will share insights into strategies that may complement current clinical methods. In this context, we hope to encourage clinicians to get involved and influence their evolution and use.

Future posts will offer insights into how patients may use them and potentially be exploited by unscrupulous ‘providers.’ Unfortunately, ChatGPT and similar Large Language Models can make medical charlatans sound like healthcare experts. As with other powerful technologies, they will serve ethical and unethical users alike.



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