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Innovations and early adopters

Early innovative adopters are indispensable to the success of technological innovations. The human and organizational instinct to wait until others try something new has doomed many innovative products and services. The implication for technologists is that they should start partnering with and recruiting early adopters before their innovative products and services enter competitive markets. In this context, finding users willing and eager to embrace innovative solutions is indispensable to market success.

I was encouraged when Northwell became an early adopter of Biobeat’s sensors and patient monitoring systems. They helped the company gain experience deploying their sensors and systems during the Covid pandemic. Those experiences later helped them deploy remote patient monitoring solutions to field hospitals serving Ukrainian refugees[1]. I asked and Biobeat provided me with a partial list of the more than fifty healthcare innovators who adopted their revolutionary products. A few are reflected in the image below and more are included on my website.

My colleagues and I have long recognized the barriers innovators face in penetrating markets with new products and services. We brought these insights to our evaluation of Biobeat’s offerings and are pleased to see the company’s successes attracting innovative providers working to transform and improve care delivery, treatment efficacy, and patient-centered care.


  1. Ozzie Paez, Remote Patient Monitoring in War Zones, July 4, 2022,


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