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Biobeat's ABPM Hypertension Kit

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

We are occasionally approached by organizations to evaluate new innovative products and technologies. Some prove interesting, a few are impressive, and most fall short of expectations. These experiences help us gauge the trajectories of innovation in medicine and beyond.

This week we were introduced to Biobeat’s new Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) Kit, the professional version of the 24BP Kit that I’ve previously covered. It includes advanced monitoring and diagnostic support tools designed for clinicians, researchers, and healthcare providers. Both kits are FDA cleared. We will spend more time with this impressive new product next week and will integrate what we learn into upcoming posts, training, and support services.

The implications of innovations like ABPM’s cuffless blood pressure sensors are revolutionary and disruptive to legacy methods and technologies. The most profound implications will manifest in the emerging relationship paradigms between doctors and patients, who increasingly arrive armed with detailed physiological, fitness, and health data. This dynamic is creating new pathways for patient engagement and decision-making that can improve patient compliance. The problem is that doctor offices are ill-equipped to process and interpret the deluge of patient-provided information.

Biobeat’s ABPM products help solve the data-deluge challenge and are thus ideal for clinicians looking to modernize their practices. Rather than burdening doctors and clinical staff with torrents of data, these technological marvels employ artificial intelligence and analytics to translate continuous patient measurements into context-rich, actionable information. They make it practical for doctors to efficiently deliver compelling value through more precise diagnosis, treatment, and long-term patient support.

Lastly, while medical innovations have historically demanded large investments of time and capital, these products offer higher performance at much lower costs, while creating new revenue streams. Contact me to find out more:


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