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To OPRHealth

OPRHealth is the health-centered practice of Ozzie Paez Research. We research, evaluate, and help deploy innovative technologies that empower clinicians and providers to grow their practices and deliver compelling value to their patients. 

Blood Pressure & Hypertension

Biobeat's cuffless blood pressure sensors and profiling technologies deliver revolutionary hypertension control and management solutions.

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Control Practice

Build a dedicated hypertension control practice within an existing or new medical office. We can help you get started and grow.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Biobeat's cuffless blood pressure sensors, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics evalute, monitor, and continuously triage patient populations.

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Research, Epidemiology, and
Emergency Preparedness

Sensors, AI, and analytics are central to research, investigations, preparation, and response. Biobeat's systems are being used across industry segments including research because they produce faster, quantitative, and more objective measures. Emergency and public health managers can similarly benefit from more accurate, timely, and objective data.

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